Our expanisive field spans six acres and two distinct play enviroments, open field and dense forest. Placed throughout these two envirments are many different buildings, vehicles, and other points of cover. ACS hosts open play days every saturday from 10-5 and the second sunday of every month from 11-4. 



  1. Full seal eye protection is mandatory (ANSI z87.1) No Mesh.
  2. Barrel sock must remain on the end of your gun within the safe zone, no gloves will be allowed as a substitute. Magazines must remain out and safety must stay safety on while off the field.
  3. To test fire, dry fire, or tune your gun, please proceed to the firing range.
  4. No Fights / Stealing / Foul Language
  5. Please do not declare your opponent as being hit, your only responsibility is yourself.
  6. Call your hits, play fair, and play safe.
  7. Call “Blind Man” if you witness a player without eye protection, a fire, or any other immediate danger.
  8. Do not move or tamper with field obstacles.
  9. No real steel objects are allowed on the field ie: knives.
  10. Store bought grenades only.
  11. Dead men don’t talk, so you should return to spawn quietly.
  12. Friendly fire does count.
  13. No blind firing, which is sticking your gun around a corner or over a barrel and shooting without lookin
  14. Do not shoot our referees, spectators, or drones.
  15. Please do not disturb the wildlife.


AEG / HPA / Rifleman

  • 400 FPS - 1.49 Joules (30 Rounds Per Second)
  • 10 Foot minimum engagement distance

SMG / Shotgun / Pistols

  • 350 fps - 1.14 Joules ( 30 rounds per second)
  • When engaging under 10 feet players must use semi auto
  • No minimum engagement distance


  • 425 FPS - 1.68 Joules (35 rounds per second)
  • 50 foot minimum engagement distance

DMR (Semi Locked)

  • 450 FPS - 1.88 Joules
  • 50 foot minimum engagement distance

Sniper (Bolt Action)

  • 550 FPS - 2.81 Joules
  • 100 foot minimum engagement distance 

Riot Shields

  • Shields must weigh 18 lbs
  • No larger than 4 ft tall and 2 ft Wide
  • Players may only use a semi-auto pistol firing under 350 fps


Team Death Match - Once a player is hit, they must declare themselves out of the game by waving their hand, verbally identifying them self as out of the game, or using a red kill rag. Then, relocate to your team’s spawn location, at which point you may be able to re-enter the game.

2. Dead Flag - Teams are required to steal the enemy’s flag from their base and return it to theirs. Dead Flag requires the carrier to return the flag back to the enemy’s base once they have been shot before it can be retrieved again by their team. The first team to successfully retrieve another teams flag, wins.

3. Bomb - There is a mutually located bomb, each team must then attack its position and set the bomb’s timer for 5 minutes. Whichever team defends the bomb for 5 minutes and hears the timer ring, wins. If a team sets the bomb timer, the other team must now defuse it, and then re-arm it using their own teams’ timer for the same 5 minutes.

4. Search and Destroy - One team defends the two plant sites while the other attacks with one bomb. The attacking team must plant the bomb at either plant site, then set the timer for 3 minutes. The defending team must defuse the bomb before the timer rings or keep them from planting to win the game. 

5. Domination - Capture and depend each of the flag polls on the field, whichever team control a majority of the polls wins.

6. Alamo - 25% of the players fortified themselves in Chinatown and defends themselves against a mass of players attempting to sound the alarm. The defending team is comprised of all medics (ACE Bandage or a 15 second count), and may be revived twice, the attacking team has unlimited spawns but is restricted to a 10-minute timer and semi-only. 

7. Breach - Two teams compete against the clock in a race for the quickest time. One team is fortified in the city with just one life. While the attacking team has unlimited lives, you must rush to eliminate the defending team as quickly as possible. This game mode is semi only, and the wooded areas are off limits. The attacking team with the quickest time, wins.

8. Squads - 4 teams of 6-8 players must try to consume their opponents by eliminating them and recruiting them to join their squad. For a member to join your squad, simply medic them (ACE Bandage or a 15 second count). The last team standing wins. If a teammate is shot, they must also be revived, no re-spawns.

9. Medic - Medic is an airsoft game that requires 2 teams of an equal number of players. On each team, there needs to be one medic for every 10 players. The medic can heal a teammate that has been shot by wrapping an ace bandage around their arm or counting to 15 seconds, allowing them to stay in the game. The hard part is for the medic not to get killed. To win, one team needs to wipe out the other. 

10. Hostage Rescue – Both teams are divided into two in this game mode: ‘Hostages’ and ‘Rescuers’. The hostages have their weapons removed and are placed at the enemy team’s base whilst the other half of the team are tasked with capturing and securing them. The rescuers are able to carry an excess of guns in order to supply their ill-equipped comrades with arms, but they also run the risk of the hostages getting shot during the process. For a team to win, they must bring back at least half of the hostages to the friendly base without them being hit.

11. King of the Hill - During king of the hill, a flag will be centrally located. The winning team of this game is whichever team is closest to the flag at the end of the games time limit. 

12. VIP - One team is comprised of a single ‘President’, with the rest being bodyguards and the other team are formed entirely of assassins. The assassin team wins only if the president is killed before reaching the objective point – if all members of the team are killed except from the president and they reach the location, the presidential team wins. The bodyguards must escort the President from Burger Town to Bunker, the assassin’s spawn at garage. Whichever player is chosen to be president will find themselves the primary target of the other team and this make the scenario extremely intense.