Field Rules

Field Waiver:

Sign our waiver by clicking the link below:


Field Rules:

  1. Full seal eye protection is mandatory (ANSI z87.1) No Mesh.
  2. Barrel sock must remain on the end of your gun within the safe zone, no gloves will be allowed as a substitute. Magazines must remain out and safety must stay safety on while off the field.
  3. To test fire, dry fire, or tune your gun, please proceed to the firing range.
  4. A red rag is mandatory and is used to declare you as being hit.
  5. No Fights / Stealing / Foul Language
  6. Please do not declare your opponent as being hit, your only responsibility is yourself.
  7. Call your hits, play fair, and play safe.
  8. Call “Blind Man” if you witness a player without eye protection, a fire, or any other immediate danger.
  9. Riot shields are not allowed.
  10. Do not move or tamper with field obstacles.
  11. No real steel objects are allowed on the field.
  12. Store bought grenades only, no open flames.
  13. Dead men don’t talk, so you should return to spawn quietly.
  14. Friendly fire does count.
  15. No blind firing, which is sticking your gun around a corner or over a barrel and shooting without looking.
  16. Do not shoot our referees, spectators, or drones.
  17. Please do not disturb the wildlife.


Player Roles:

AEG / HPA / Shotgun

420 FPS – 1.65 Joules (25 Rounds Per Second)

10 feet minimum engagement distance

SMG (Must be pistol cartridge design gun i.e. 9mm / .45)

350 FPS – 1.14 Joules

0 feet minimum engagement distance


420 FPS – 1.64 Joules (35 Rounds Per Second)

50 feet minimum engagement distance

DMR (Semi Locked)

    450 FPS – 1.88 Joules

    50 feet minimum engagement distance

    Sniper (Bolt Action)

    550 FPS – 2.81 Joules

    100 feet minimum engagement distance


    350 FPS – 1.14 Joules

    0 feet minimum engagement distance